The Independence City Council Approves the Cargo Largo Redevelopment Plan

November 15, 2021 – Independence, MO – Tonight, the Independence City Council approved the Redevelopment Plan for the Cargo Largo Project, the retail arm of Recovery Management Corporation (RMC). This $67million plan will consolidate operations from six metro locations into a new corporate headquarters, store, and warehouse. The new 524,000 square foot mixed used facility and new parking lot will be the first of a four-phase redevelopment plan. Phase two will include redevelopment of their current 76,439 square foot facility as warehouse and distribution space. Phase three includes the construction of an 80,000 square foot mixed used facility and phase four will include the addition of a 10,000 square foot facility for mixed uses. Additionally, infrastructure improvements will be made, including improvements for access and traffic flow. The site is on vacant land on the west side of Noland Road across from Truman High School.

The Project will retain 101 current employees and will bring 398 new employees to Independence. “We are excited to help walk this project across the finish line. Our staff has worked with Cargo Largo for many years to help bring these quality jobs and increased tax revenues to our city,” said Steve Mauer, Board Chair of the Independence Economic Development Council (IEDC).

“After many years of effort, I am thrilled to announce we are moving forward with construction of our new headquarters facility. The building will allow our employees to work together under one roof in an environment designed specifically for Cargo Largo’s needs. We’re excited to unite all business operations back in Independence, where we can plant our flag and create a long-term, permanent home. A big thanks goes out to the Mayor, City staff, IEDC and Noland Road CID whose partnership kept the project moving forward. I’m especially grateful to customers, clients, and most of all, employees for contributing to the growth and success that have made this project a reality,” said
Dee Pack, CEO and President of RMC.

Independence Mayor Eileen Weir added, “The Independence EDC has been a consistent driving force behind the Cargo Largo expansion over an extended time period. The EDC professional staff and the support of the board brought this project to fruition, and I could not be more impressed with how our community stuck together to secure these jobs and capital investment for Independence.”

Cargo Largo first began operations in Independence 35 years ago. Their current location is on 35th Street, just west of Noland Road.

The Independence EDC is a non-profit, public/private partnership, which was established in 1983 for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the economic growth of Independence.
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