JD KehrmanPresident

JD Kehrman
areas of expertise
  • Public Policy
  • City Administration
  • Infrastructure Planning and Improvements
  • Federal Grant Funding
  • Code Enforcement
  • University of Missouri – St. Louis Public Policy Analysis
  • Webster University Bachelor of Arts Behavioral Sciences

JD served as the City Manager of Nevada Missouri 2010 – 2020. Major accomplishments during the past four years included implementing transformative change within the city government, initiating and leading a successful campaign to pass the first permanent sales tax in Nevada since the early 1970’s, completing millions of dollars in infrastructure improvements, and bringing together leaders from across the Nevada community to partner with Cerner Corporation and launch the Healthy Nevada initiative, a unique public-private collaboration in Rural Health and Population Heath Management.

contact details

Office: 816-295-2677
210 W. Truman Road

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