Company Overview

The Independence EDC is a non-profit, public/private partnership, which was established in 1983 for the purpose of supporting and enhancing the economic growth of Independence.

It takes a team to grow the local economy and the partnership of the public and private sector helps support the growth of new jobs and the attraction of capital investment which benefits us all.

Our mission

To support the economic growth of Independence through the creation of new employment opportunities and the attraction of private capital investment.

  • By working collaboratively, we help provide business leadership, bipartisan problem-solving, and data-driven strategies to get results for the businesses of the City of Independence, MO.
  • Our available data systems compile the latest trends, research, and recommendations for doing business in the area.
  • We communicate ideas for increased revenue and location scouting.
  • ICED is focused on initiatives that will create a city-wide impact.

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